Fueling Your Facebook Fan Page

Have a Facebook account? How many times a week do you get requests to become a fan of a business or organization? If you do agree, how often to you pay attention to their updates or even visit the page?

It's something to consider when you launch your own fan page. Are you doing it because it's now de rigeur, because you have to? Or do you truly have something interesting and useful to share with your fans -- whom I gather you're trying to convert into customers or clients?

Before you launch your fan page you should have a clear plan of how you're going to operate it. How frequently will you update it and with what? How are you going to create community? How will you keep visitors engaged? How will you amuse or entertain them, teach them, be a trusted resource for them?

Here are some suggestions for ways to continually fuel your Facebook page. And, if you have ideas you'd like to share, please leave a comment below.

  • Run your Twitter feed into your fan page.
  • Hold relevant and fun contests with giveaways of products.
  • Do you have a blog? Feed that content into your fan page.
  • Offer relevant tips of the week with visuals if possible.
  • Post videos -- these could be short tours of model homes, tours of the homes of happy new home buyers, interviews with your restaurant's chef or a quick recipe demo, demos of how to use a product.
  • Post photos of happy customers with your product with a Q&A about their experience.
  • Post links to relevant YouTube videos your fans would enjoy.
  • Pick a Facebook fan of the week to highlight. (Think viral marketing potential as fans let their friends and family know they're being spotlighted.)

Remember, just having a fan page doesn't mean anything. If you don't keep it updated with interesting content you won't get visitors and it could have the opposite effect of your intent.