Tuning Up Your Carbs: New Story Published in UT-San Diego

The second installment of my four-part series on eating well with diabetes was published this week in UT-San Diego. This piece addresses the complex and often confounding issue of carbohydrates. Carbs play a significant role in our body's well being, but the key is to eat the right kinds in the right portion--especially if you're living with Type 2 diabetes.

I've done my best to carefully explain how this all works, and included a couple of recipes that feature some especially delicious whole grains--wheat berries and freekah. Try these and you'll be surprised at how easy it is to transition away from boring white rice and pasta.


Check Out My L.A. Koreatown Piece in Sept. 2012 Sunset Magazine

I'm so tickled to announce that I have a big feature in this month's Sunset Magazine. The editors asked me to go up to Los Angeles and experience Koreatown's food with Chef Debbie Lee of Food Network Star. The result is a 10-page spread that includes a Korean food 101 and lots of gorgeous photos. Debbie was a superb guide through the complexities and joy of Korean food and I thoroughly enjoyed her very modern take on Korean food at her place, Ahn-Joo in Glendale. If you're in L.A., check it out -- and try some of the places we went in Koreatown!

Debbie in front of Elephant Snack Corner

Debbie in front of Elephant Snack Corner

A Fun Little Surprise on Gourmet.com

I'm part of the BlogHer network, which is collaborating with Gourmet Live. I was asked by them to suggest the best restaurant in San Diego to hold a party -- which would appear on gourmet.com. My write up is one of 10 around the country just published and now live on the site. Take a look to see what I recommended. And if you have any of your own suggestions, please leave a comment.

Road Trip

Road Trip

"Green Gold" Appears in August/September Issue of Saveur Magazine

I'm happy to say that my first story for Saveur Magazine has just been published. "Green Gold" is the featured "Source" piece and highlights the magnificent avocado oil produced in San Diego County by Cid da Silva under the name Bella Vado Avocado Oil. This has been a very long time coming and it's so gratifying to finally see it in print.




Green Gold.jpg