Close to the Source, My New Edible San Diego Blog, Is Up and Running

I've been writing for Edible San Diego for as long as it's existed. They're getting ready to launch a new web design but in the meantime they invited me to start in with their first blog, Close to the Source. Sponsored by Specialty Produce, the bi-weekly blog appears on the first and third Mondays of each month and delves into what's happening with our local markets, farms, and producers of artisan foods--with a hint or two here and there for how to enjoy their products.

My first post focused on fisherman Phil Harris' delicious black gill rockfish, sold at the new Fishermen's Farmers Market in Pt. Loma. I got Catalina Offshore Products' Tommy Gomes to teach me--and the gathering crowd--how to break it down and cook all the various parts so we enjoy it from tail to gill (except we don't eat the gill).

Take a look at How to Break Down a Whole Fish in Five Easy Steps.